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Domains Explained

A domain name is simply an address of a web page found on the internet, similar to your house having an address. Every time you browse the internet and land on a new site, the owner has registered that domain name through a domain registry like Pay Less Domains. When you register a domain name it means you can use it to display anything you like, whether it be your blog or company website. A domain name is often indexed in search engines such as Google and Yahoo and the higher your domain ranks for related keywords, the more exposure you get for your website.

Explaining a URL.
URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, and forms the entire address used to access a particular website, including the domain name. URLs were devised as an easier form of navigation over IP Addresses that traditionally identify the host server for a website through a series of numbers. A URL is usually comprised of related and easy to remember words and letters to replace the confusing IP Address method. Pay Les Domains URL is  ‘’ and will contain the http at the start allowing you to use words instead of an IP Address, the actual domain name is (

Top Level and Second Level Domain Names.
A top-level domain (TLD), sometimes referred to as a top-level domain name (TLDN), is the last part of a domain name; referring to the group of letters and dots at the end. For example, in the domain name, the top-level domain is com

Dot Com domains (.com) were the very first domain type to be introduced on the net, and is considered a Top Level Domain or TLD as it features only one suffix. Top level domains also cover any other domain name form that only has one suffix – for example; .net, .info, .biz, and so on.

You may have noticed that some domain names end in fewer dots and letters than others. For example, the domain name has fewer components than This makes the a second level domain.

Second Level Domains or 2LDs are domain names that contain another level of qualification to this. For example; is a second level domain style as it contains an additional suffix after the .com. Second level domains are just as important, however are generally more associated with certain types of businesses or different countries.

Subdomains Explained.
Subdomains are additional sections to the top level domain that further divide the existing domain name. Subdomains take the form, placing the new title before the primary domain name. This is most often found with blogs as the blog software and hosting provider give a subdomain for free to the blogger. Subdomains do not need to be registered separately from your existing domain name, and can be created from the admin console of your domain registrar.

Domain registration is becoming harder and harder as time goes by. .com's are almost impossible now to find a short one relating to your business, however the domains are still relatively new and available if you want your business name. The reason for this is that you are required to have an Australian business name registered before you can buy a domain name. To find a domain that will be approved for your Australian business it must be related to the business name or the products you sell.

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